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PikLink™ - RDBMS Connection Tools


PikLinkTools  is a suite of objects/classes with a server component that enables communications to a MultiValue database like mvBase / jBase and D3 via a TCP/IP session running on one PC and serving multiple clients while only using one Database license. Currently it is only for mvBase.

There are a number of parts to these tools so I shall explain the details below

DataBasic Server Application - This is the application that sits on the server to allow the tools to communicate the required data back to the client PC's, These are just compiled DataBasic routines.

PikLink Server Communications Control - This is an OCX that does all the hard work. It is the layer between the server and the PC.

PikLink Application Server - This Windows application sits on a PC on your network and will connect to the DataBasic Server Application files. It servers up the data to the clients that request it.

PikLink Client Tools - This is the Developers API. It opens a large number of classes to the programmer to allow them to open files, read data and write data. Detailed descriptions are below

If you are interested in these tools please contact me..

Classes List

plUtils - Utilities Object | plList- List Object | plFile - File Object | plItem - Item Object

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