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Mir Server Config Editor

Image Browser

I have started an Image viewer, At the moment its a browser (can show all the images if room) just select the image file and it will show the images in a best fit view.

It can view type 1 and type 2 Index files and in the future will allow different types of view/Import/Export , Copy image from one Image file to another etc, Even a merge feature to take 2 image files and merge them together (add 1 to the end of another).


Be aware that some files contain too many images to view like this, which is why I shall be adding options for a different view :-

EG. a scrolling 3 or 4 or 5 image list - scroll the images left or right to view them

Full install of the Editor is required first as it uses some controls which are installed in that and I didnt want to make a large installer for this small program. It will be included in the next full build of the editor.

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