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Mir Server Config Editor

Other Usefull files

Here you will find a number of other usefull programs and files.

m2Server.exe - My Hexed version to allow Shinzu and BomeFamiliar. Just change the names of BoneFamm to BoneFamiliar (Using DB Commander - mine wont let you yet) and Dogz to Shinzu and Dogz1 to Shinzu1 and away you go.

My DB files - already including the indexing required for my application to update them, just plonk into the DB folder under Mud2 and the Editor will allow updates. , Updated 17/10/02 - Some New Items added.

The latest ItemTypes.txt file for the Editor - This will update the labels to show the relevant Stats based on the Item type (like Weapons etc). Just replace the one in the Install Directory of the Server Config Editor., Updated 20/02/03 - NOTE: This is already in the 2.1.0 Patch

Download the FREE 30-Day TRIAL version of DB Commander 2000 PRO now! (7.2 MB)

The official Legend of Mir 2 Map Editing Program

A program that lets you view maps, data files and other image files

A little program that you can run while playing LOM to decrease the risk of being hacked. This application was written by Gadget and will only work with Euro mir.


Here is the link to wemade's patch ftp

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