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NETUpdate Administrator
ActiveX Component

(Updated 05/07/2004)

The ActiveX component allows software developers to add the NETUpdate check to their own applications. All you need to do is add the control to your application as you would any other control, and then using some very simple code you can perform the update check and if the result tells you there is an update , you can launch the client download application with 1 simple line of code.

Included with the installation is a sample project written in Visual Basic 6 that shows how simple it is to setup.

Methods exposed

Show the About Box

Read the NETUpdate configuration file.

Launch the NETUpdate download client application if found in the application directory

TestForUpdate () Returns Enum AvailableUpdates
Perform the NETUpdate check for Updates, Returns an Enumerated response code.


Properties available

OverideURL ()
A URL to use instead of that supplied in the NETUpdate configuration file. If this property is not set then the URL supplied in the NETUpdate Configuration file will be used

ApplicationPath ()
The path to the Applications directory, which should have the NetUpdate.npf ( NETUpdate configuration file installed)

Version ()
Return the NETUpdateX version stamp

Setting_CompanyName ()
The Company Name as set in the Configuration File

Setting_Welcome1 ()
Welcome Message 1 as set in the Configuration File

Setting_Title ()
The Title as set in the Configuration File

Setting_CurrentVersion () Returns String Value
The Applications Version stamp as set in the Configuration File. This was the version that would have been set on last publish.

Setting_BaseURL () As String
The Server Redirect URL as set in the Configuration File



Public Event Progress (ByVal sProgressText As String)
The NETUpdate Progress

Public Event Error (ByVal nuErrorCode As NetUpdateXError)
Error code reported


Appendix A: Enumerations

This section lists enumerations exposed by NETUpdateX.

Enum AvailableUpdates

  • NetUpdate=1
  • Application=2
  • Both=3 ' Both

Enum NetUpdateXError

  • No Internet Connection=-10001
  • No Redirect Server Located=-10002
  • NetUpdate Server Not Found=-10003
  • Redirect File Damaged=-10004
  • NetUpdate File Damaged=-10005
  • NoUpdates Avaliable=-10006

General Information

Library: NETUpdateX ($Enigmaware NETUpdateX Client ActiveX)
File: NETUpdateX.ocx
GUID: 08A8FA87-2157-43BD-B453-5A22B01DB96E
Version: 4.0

Client - Administration Utiltity Part 1 - Administration Utiltity Part 2 - Features List - ActiveX Object - News


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