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CodeSmartX - Formally CodeSmart2000

CodeSmartX has been downloaded Times

CodeSmartX started out life very small (just a code formatting tool) - I spent a long time looking into and understanding addins and how I could control the Visual Basic IDE. I found you could do a lot and started experimenting.

My first attempt was originally called CodeHelper98 - (as I started working on it back in 98!!) - I found more and more things were needed for my programming needs - and after a few years of playing and adding here and there I have got to a stage were I would like to see what others think. I would like any feedback to maybe improve on it but for now here are the features...

Future Enhancements. - List of enhancements for the next release of CodeSmartX

  • Add Error Handler. Add error handling code to your procedures including line numbers.

  • Apply Formatting. Format the current open code window (all subs and functions) or with a right click of the mouse within the current sub/function you can just format that.

  • MultiForm Code. If you program allot and use multiple instances of forms you will probable understand the code required to setup and use them. This will allow you to define that code and with a simple click of the button it will add the code to the forms and modules to set them up.

  • Got/Lost Focus Code. This will allow you to select the controls required and insert code into the GotFocus and LostFocus sections of you forms code.

  • Default Code. - Not as useful as it used to be but this will allow you to insert default code into the forms code window.

  • Source Print. Not currently implemented

  • Swap Keyword. Allows you with a click of the button swap keywords.

  • Control Linker. This feature allows you to select controls from a list to link to each other and will insert the code required on the required event to switch on or off other controls.

  • Controls Code. Allows you to enter some default code into all controls code sections.

  • Comment Helper. This allows you to add comments to you code.

  • Line Numbering. Add and remove line numbers to you code.

  • Close All Windows. With a single click you can close down all those IDE windows that keep clogging up your workspace.

  • Remove Error Handler. Completely remove all code relating to the error handler you may have added.

  • Show Project View. This feature is still not finished yet - It will allow you to view you VB. project in tree view format just like the VB. project view but you will be able to group your forms and modules and be able to view them in the tree view.

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