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NETUpdate Administrator and Client
Features List

(Updated 05/07/2004)

Listed here are the features currently included and Features to be added later

Administration Application Current Features

  • Application Details extraction
    Once you start a new project and select the Main EXE, OCX or DLL the Copyright details, verison stamp and other information is extracted and automatically recorded for the NETUpdate client.
  • Scans the source directory for new files added since last time you published your update.
  • Choose your own custom colours, font, logo and background images and store them in the configuration file for distribution with your product.
  • Compression of settings in the Confifuration file
  • Choose the destination locations for each individual file.
  • Choose to self register OCX and DLL files.
  • Check the look of the Download configuration file before you publish.
  • Use sub folders for each version you publish.
  • Copies all the selected files to the output folder.
  • Creates the Server download file in the output folder.
  • Copies the Configuration file and renames to NETUpdate.npf in your output folder.
  • Set optimal download buffer size
  • Upload via FTP, allows publishing directly to your web server.
  • Update file list is in an xml file.

Administration Application Future releases

  • Choose to zip selected files when you publish.
  • Zip muliple files into one zip archive and record locations and self register details per file.
  • Zip the configuration file
  • Better Compression of the configuration file.
  • More Client Side Customizations.
  • Logging of Publish to Seperate Log file per project
  • Convert Server Redirect file to use xml
  • Include removal of files.
  • Update Registry entries.
  • Add files from ANY location.

Client Application Current Features

  • Can check for NETUpdate automatic web update software upgrades.
  • Tailorable appearance via the NETUpdate Administration utility.
  • Determine if a reboot is required to instal updates.
  • Compatable with Windows98 and above
  • Can extract zip files, move contents to specified location.

Client Application Future releases

  • Support for multiple applications in one configuration file.
  • Decompression of the Configuration file.
  • Delete files flagged for deletion.
  • License agreement before download
  • Fully customizable client areas.
  • Update Reason information.
  • Sound Support.
  • Use of Last Mofied date on files with no version stamp to determine if newer
  • Check ALL files in list to determine if an update is required, not just the main file.

ActiveX Component Current Features

  • Read Configuration file and allow the developer to extract the details via method calls
  • Write to specific settings eg: Download URL location.
  • Launch the NETUpdate automatic web update software client application if available in the application folder

ActiveX Component Future Features

  • MSN Notification style popups
  • Sound Support for notifiers.
  • Auto check for updates and unattended Updates


These features are not final and new features will be listed as the are needed.

Client - Administration Utiltity Part 1 - Administration Utiltity Part 2 - Features List - ActiveX Object - News


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