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Mir Server Config Editor

Mir Server Config Editor

This neat little application (well not so little if you saw the code) allows you to modify the setup of your offline Legend of Mir 2 server. I have listed here all the sections that the application deals with


You have the ability to view the NPC list and add / remove or modify them, change the image to use for a given NPC - even edit the script for an NPC.


Here the Items database is displayed in a grid so you can see just what items are in the game and the stats of the items. You can add new items easily and also modify other items. the layout below the items list will show the given field names and what they represent for that item depending on some spicific criteria.

eg. - if the stdmode of the item is set to (5 - 1 handed weapon ) or (6 - 2 handed weapon) then the fields in the database that represent AC, MAC etc will change to Luck , Curse , A.Speed, or even if the stdmode is set to 31 - Bundled item - then the un bundle list is loaded in to display what the item will unbundle for you.

The image used in the game for the item is also shown on this section. along with the image that is used when the item is worn on the character (if that item is the correct type) eg . armours, weapons.


This section is just like the Items section in the fact that the list of monsters is shown in a grid and you can add or modify them as needed.

An image is now shown of this monster which is derived from the Appr value given for the monsters

You are also able to edit the drop list of any monster listed and modify it.

Some enhancements to come on this section to.


This section is allows the addition / modification of the spells and there powers.

Note: - current disabled. will re- enable this section soon


This section reads in the mongen.txt file to view, this file is the table the server uses to spawn monsters on specific maps and locations. - Speaks for itself really


The map info section is used to give names to the maps used in the game. If a map is not listed here then you cannot get to it at all, even when a GM. You can set all the relevent flags here against a map eg: Allow the use of Random Teleports or Recall, Contest area, safe area, always day, normal day or dark


This section is still being worked on. quite simply its where you will be able to add items to drop tables based of monsters levels / groups or add to all tables , modify existing items etc.

You will be able to select the items from a list built up from the items table.


You will need to uninstall the previous version first...

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