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GoldMine Integration the simple way!

GMGoldLINK is a middleware GoldMine integration API wrapper that works between GoldMine and your programs.  Probably the most effective time savings investment you could make.

GMGoldLINK GoldMine integration API simplifies the development of applications that require access to GoldMine data, it exposes some easy to use objects and methods and hides away the complex code required to use the official GoldMine business logic API.

This GoldMine API wrapper is much easier to use than the GoldMine API supplied with GoldMine and because it does use the GoldMine Business Logic API it will allow you to never have to worry about Sync stamps and Tlogs as its all maintained for you. Save yourself hours in development time and costs by using this API wrapper.

The API is continually being enhanced and developed and you will be entitled to FREE updates. If you have any ideas to enhance it, let us know, and we will add the feature.

GMGoldLINK uses the latest GoldMine Business logic DLL provided with your version of GoldMine, There are 2 DLL's 1 for each GoldMine version supported 6.x and 7.x. It also supports 8.x and 9.x (Premium).

You can even create a GoldMine user using this API.

NOTE: The API is supplied only as a COM DLL at present but will be available in .NET some time in the future - This will be available as a FREE download.

Also note that not everything the GoldMine API can do has been implemented in this API wrapper yet, however if you find a feature that you would like added all you have to do is email and it will be added ASAP.

If you purchase this API you have the right to re-distribute with your application royalty free. You must not share your license code.

Read More about the GoldMine API

New Version of the API is available. It contains many fixes and enhancements.

Current Version : 7 and Premium (

Add new features for Email Addresses and Email Folders

Currently working on re-writing the documentation to expand heavily on the use of this wrapper and all the features and functions.


New Methods
EmailFoldersListArray - Due to limitations on the GoldMine API you can only retrieve this for the logged in user.

EmailAddressRecord - Allows you to add or find email address records

Previous Version : 6.x and below (, 7 and Premium (

Corrected the WriteContact method to correctly write the Notes for a contact record.

Fixed QueueMail not fetching the RecID of the new Email

Created a new Method : CreateContactNote

This method is used as follows:-

CreateContactNote takes these arguments NoteString, Optional AccountNo, Optional RECID you must specify Either AccountNo or RECID

APIObjectName.CreateContactNote "Note value goes here", "AccountNo", "RECID", "USERID"

Where USERID is the USERID you require the note entry to be shown created by

It has come to light that there is a bug in the GoldMine API when updating/creating contact records. The bug only effects 8.5x and

The bug is that if you are attempting to update any custom fields that are numeric type, no custom fields get updated.

I have added some code to work around this bug by removing the numeric fields from the fields to update and then updating these fields with direct low level write to the CONTACT2 table.

Previous updates : 6.x and below (, 7 and Premium (

Added new feature to Detail Records creation

When The GoldMine API creates a Detail record the Created User and date and time that is used is the created date/time and user. I have added an override feature to allow you to override the username and date/time stamp

when you use the DetailRecord.WriteRecord you can pass in 2 override values as optional parameters


DetailRecord.WriteRecord "DARREN", "01/05/2004 23:00:00"

The above example would change the created user as DARREN and the date/time stamp.

You can supply just a username or a date/time with no username.

Previous updates (, 7 and Premium (

Fixed Bug with :-

  • DetailFieldSettings not correctly assigning object
  • DetailFieldLabel generating error if no detail name exist

Added new Function call to Complete any Pending activity

CompleteActivity(RecID, Success, isPrivate, RSVP ) Returns Boolean

Example of how to use in the Demo apps

RecID -  CalRecID of the scheduled activity (Cal table).
Success - If set to 1, the activity was successful. Default is 1.
isPrivate - If set to 1, the activity is marked as private Default is 0.
RSVP - If set to 1, an RSVP is scheduled. Default is 0.


The Official GoldMine API Guide is available here


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