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GoldMine web import forms and GoldMine API programming, Automatic Web Update software

NETUpdate Suite -
GMGoldLINK™ a new GoldMine API wrapper and GoldFORM the GoldMine webimport form builder

   The home of Enigma NETUpdate automatic web update, GoldFORM and GMGoldLINK a GoldMine API wrapper

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GoldMine Integration the simple way!


  • CalRecord - Holds a Calendar record.
  • CalRecords - Holds a Collection of Calendar records.
  • ContactRecord - Holds a Contact record.
  • ContactRecords - Holds a Collection of Contact records.
  • HistoryRecord - Holds a History record.
  • HistoryRecords - Holds a Collection of History records.
  • DetailRecord - Holds a Detail record.
  • DetailRecords - Holds a Collection of Details records.
  • GMUser - Holds a User record.
  • GMUsers - Holds a Collection of User records.
  • GMLicInfo - Holds a GoldMine License.
  • GMGroupRecord - Holds a GoldMine Group
  • GMGroupListRecord - Holds a Collection of GoldMine Groups
  • GMFilterRecord - Holds a GoldMine Filter
  • GMFilterListRecord - Holds Collection of GoldMine Filters
  • ContactSet - Holds a GoldMine Contact Set Record
  • TrackRecord - Holds a GoldMine Track Record
  • GMFieldRecord - Holds a GoldMine Field
  • GMFieldListRecord - Holds a Collection of GoldMine Fields
  • GMFieldSettings - Holds a Fields Settings.


  • AccountNoFromRecID() - Returns the GoldMine AccountNo From a RecID
  • AttachTrack() - Attach an Automated process to a contact record
  • CalRecord() - Return a GoldMine Calendar Record
  • CalRecords() - Return a Collection of GoldMine Calendar Records
  • CN1AccoutNos() - Returns a String Array of Contact1 AccountNos
  • CN1RecIDs() - Returns a String Array of Contact1 RecIDs
  • CompleteActivity() - Complete a Pending activity record <NEW>
  • ContactRecord() - Returns a GoldMine Contact Record
  • ContactRecords() - Returns a Collection of GoldMine Contact Records
  • ContactSetList() - Returns a Collection of Contact Set Records
  • CountCN1Matches() - Returns a Count of the Records Matching a Search
  • CreateContactNote() - Create a Note against the Contact Record <NEW>
  • CreateGMUser() - Create a GoldMine User
  • DataDictFields() - Return the Field Names from Table
  • DeleteCalRecord() - Deletes a GoldMine Calendar Record
  • DeleteHistory() - Deletes a GoldMine History Record
  • DetailFieldLabel() - Return the Field Labels for a Detail Record
  • DetailFieldLookup() - Return the F2 Lookup for a Detail Record Field
  • DetailFieldSettings() - Return the field header settings for a Detail Record
  • DetailLookUp() - Return the F2 Lookup for a Detail Record
  • DetailRecord() - Return a Single Detail Record
  • DetailRecordNames() - Return a String Array of Detail Record Names
  • DetailRecords() - Return a Collection of Detail Records for a Contact
  • EmailAddFolder() - Create a Email Folder in the Email Center
  • EmailDeleteFolder() - Delete an Email Folder from the Email Center
  • EmailFoldersList() - Return a String Array Folders in the Email Center for a given user
  • EmailFromList() - Return a list of Email From addresses
  • EmailTemplateList() - Return String Array of Email Tamplate Names
  • FieldLabel() - Return a Fields Label
  • FieldLookup() - Return the F2 Lookup for a Field
  • FieldSettings() - Return the Field Lookup Settings
  • FilterdFields() - Returns a String Array of Fields using a Filter
  • FilterList() - Return the list of Filters for a Single User or all Users
  • GMField() - Return a GoldMine Field
  • GMFields() - Return a Collection of All GoldMine Fields
  • GMFilter() - Return a GoldMine Filter
  • GMGroup() - Return a GoldMine Group
  • GMGroupMembers() - Return a String Array of Members for a Group
  • GMGroups() - Return a Collection of Groups for a GoldMine User
  • GMLicenseInfo() - Return the GoldMine License Record
  • GMUsers() - Return a Collection of GoldMine User Records
  • HistoryRecord() - Return a GoldMine History Record
  • HistoryRecords() - Return a Collection of GoldMine History Records
  • HistoryRecordsSQL() - Return a Collection of GoldMine History Records
  • Login() - Login to Goldmine
  • LogOut() - Logout of GoldMine
  • SearchContact1() - Return the First Matching RecID using Index
  • ShowAbout() - Show the API About Window
  • SQLFromGMFilterEXP() - Return a Formatted SQL string from Filters EXP
  • SQLQuery() - Perform a SQL query and Return a String Array of Results
  • TracksList() - Return a Collection of Track Records
  • TrackRecord() -Return the Track record for the specified TrackName


  • Property : GMUserisMaster() - Returns True if API Users is Master
  • Property : IsLoggedIn() - Returns True if the API is Logged in
  • Property : Version() - Returns the API Version Stamp

The Methods and Properties listed above are not final and new ones will be added when / if they are reguired.


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