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DBase Directory Location: COMMON
Table Description: Contact file—contains the additional fields of contact records. Each complete contact record has a record in this file. User-defined field data is stored in this file.

Table Indexes
Name DBase Index SQL Index ID

Table Relationships
Field Related Table to Field Type Notes
AccountNo Contact1->AccountNo 1-1  

Table Fields Structure
Field Name Field Type Length Description
ACCOUNTNO String 20 Account No - See Contact1
CALLBACKON Date 8 Call Back Date
CALLBACKAT String 8 Call Back Time (unused compatability field)
(Format: h:mmam/pm. Left padded with space if less than 10.
CALLBKFREQ Integer 3 Call Back Frequency
LASTCONTON Date 8 Last Contact Date
LASTCONTAT String 8 Last Contact Time
Format: h:mmam/pm. Left padded with space if less than 10.
LASTATMPON Date 8 Last Attempt Date
LASTATMPAT String 8 Last Attempt Time
Format: h:mmam/pm. Left padded with space if less than 10.
MEETDATEON Date 8 Meeting Date
MEETTIMEAT String 8 Meeting Time
Format: h:mmam/pm. Left padded with space if less than 10.
COMMENTS String 65 Comments
PREVRESULT String 65 Previous Results
NEXTACTION String 65 Next Action
ACTIONON Date 8 Next Action Date
CLOSEDATE Date 8 Next forecasted sale expected close date
USERDEF01 String 10 User Defined 1
USERDEF02 String 10 User Defined 2
USERDEF03 String 10 User Defined 3
USERDEF04 String 10 User Defined 4
USERDEF05 String 10 User Defined 5
USERDEF06 String 10 User Defined 6
USERDEF07 String 10 User Defined 7
USERDEF08 String 10 User Defined 8
USERDEF09 String 10 User Defined 9
USERDEF10 String 10 User Defined 10
RECID String 15 Record ID



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