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GMGoldLINK™ a new GoldMine API wrapper and GoldFORM the GoldMine webimport form builder

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Crystal Report Viewer for GoldMine!

The Powerful Crystal Report Viewer for GoldMine with Integration

GMCrystalView is a .NET Crystal Report viewer with a difference.

GMCrystalView has been designed from the ground up to provide a simple but effective Crystal Report viewer for use with GoldMine!

In its simplest form you can just display a crystal report against your GoldMine database using either an ODBC DSN Connection or a direct SQL connection. You can setup the connection per report and you don’t need to have the same credentials for all reports.

The full power of GMCrystalView comes when you want to interact with GoldMine when Printing or creating PDF documents from your reports.

Features List:-

  • Set Connection settings per report.
    Report settings are saved along with the report as an XML file. You can currently only use ODBC or ADO (Direct SQL connection).
  • Override report parameters with dynamically populated list for the user to select from.
    The parameters can be set to the results of an SQL query that selects the items, a static list, a Macro that can fetch data from the current active record like the ACCOUNTNO field or even a GoldMine Group.
  • Override report formulas.
    You can select to populate a formula with a fixed value or a Macro that fetches data from the current active record like the ACCOUNTNO field.
  • Create a history record when printing the report.
  • Create a history record when exporting to PDF document.
  • Create a linked document record to the saved PDF document.
  • Force the report to be maximised when launched.
  • Encrypt the Connection settings.
  • Allow non MASTER users to access the settings area.

Try GMCrystalView demo or read the GMCrystalView product guide here

There is no support cost involved with GMCrystalView, support is free via email. Updates will also be free for the time being.


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