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GoldMine web import forms and GoldMine API programming, Automatic Web Update software

NETUpdate Suite -
GMGoldLINK™ a new GoldMine API wrapper and GoldFORM the GoldMine webimport form builder

   The home of Enigma NETUpdate automatic web update, GoldFORM and GMGoldLINK a GoldMine API wrapper

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I am a freelance Developer and GoldMine consultant, offering GoldMine technical support and consultancy at a competitive rate. As my overheads are much less I can offer a much more competitive price for my work.

I can offer a good service, and while I am a sole individual and I may not be contactable everyday. I strive to make a good option for you.

I will be contactable via Email no matter where I am, and I shall be able to assist via email most times. I will also have a calendar available online to show my bookings and availability

If you are interested in using my services please contact me via my contact form on my new site at




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